Test Eze

Seamless testing of a wide range of Web, Desktop, Mobile, API and Performance testing. Easy to use automation tool for creating a reliable automated testing project..


Web Automation

TestEze helps to authenticate critical functioning of the web application to deliver an efficient and effective experience at the user end.

Desktop Automation

Testing Desktop Application using TestEze's Object Recognition engine ensure your tests are robust and easy to maintain.

Peformance Automation

TestEze testing tool is especially designed and developed for testing peformance of the application using load testing and stress testing.

Web Service & API Testing Automation

esting the logic of your application doesn’t need to be rocket science. Automate your Web Service and API testing without knowing the scripting knowledge using TestEze.

Test Automation for Everyone

Record your daily testing step by step with matchless GUI object Recognition.

Easy to learn

Easy to Use for everyone with great simple user experience and clear documentaion.

Less Rework

When automated testing is this much fun, teams can easily protect themselves from risks and errors.


Browser Independent

As TestEze is proxy based, it can run in any browser.

High Quality

High Quality Functional and performance testing at real time accuracy.

Auto Test Data creation

Data driven testing is made easy by auto generating excel.

Zero Scripting

All options are gui based. No need to learn any scripting language.

Your life will be much easier

For Developers

Test EZE is built in such a way that developers can perform Web/API/Peformance testing with testcase chaining. You no longer need to write all your tests in code from scratch.

For Tester

TestEze redefines the way automated testing is done. Build your test scripts in minutes instead of more time. No need to waste time on defining coordinates in dynamic pages anymore. Record your test just once and run on multiple browser.

For Test Lead

If your testing team scatter across the globe, then collaboration problem arises Test EZE is the cloud based tool which can provide common platform for your team to work together.

For Manager

Test EZE brings new feature for managers to track the overall status of the projects with reporting and dashboard designed separately. Managers can know the importance of automation testing by saving time and money for shipping higher quality of software to client.

Focus on the customer

Business and IT does not always understand each other. TestEze encourage closer collaboration and helping teams keep the business goal in mind at all times.


Regression Testing

TestEze's flexible automation engine, through regression test automation, quickly identifies the unintentional and unattended faults that might have occurred during the development stage, reducing the time-to-market and giving a higher return out of the total investment in developing the application.

Data Driven Test Automation

Using the TestEze you can increase your automated test coverage with all possibilities. TestEze support external data source formats such as Excel, CSV, XML or server table.

Want more details?

Cost and Time Savings

TestEze help companies minimize risks, enhance cost, and increase agility of their SOA implementations.

Increase in Test Coverage

With TestEze run automated tests by distributed the recorded test cases via servers, virtual machine or cloud to perform the testing by other users. TestEze facilitate distributed test execution of multiple tests simultaneously.

Upgradation & Reusability

Any user without the knowledge of scripting language able to tests the application. No need of any technical staff to perform the tests of an application. Easy to use for anyone and user friendly designed.

Improves Accuracy and Speed

Speed and Cost Effective in application development & delivery.

Trusted by many People

TestEze is a unique and easy to use web application automation testing tool which offers codeless automation testing for users.

Pick the best plan for you

You have Free Unlimited Updates and Premium Support on each package.


1 project - 50 Test cases
Web testing
Basic Parameterization
Record and Playback


5 project - 100 Test cases
Web, API and Performance testing
Advanced Parameterization
Data driven Execution


30 project - 500 Test cases
Web, API, SOAP and Performance testing
Advanced Parameterization
Data driven Execution
24/7 support system


Unlimited project - Unlimited Test cases
Web, API, SOAP and Performance testing
Advanced Parameterization
Data driven Execution
24/7 support system

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